ALMA at the SSE
Busy Busy Busy

Hi again,

Such a busy few weeks! After our road trip to Cambridge to plan for the SSE, members of the UK ALMA Regional Centre have been busy busy busy! Adam (the guy who is currently writing this post) went off to Sweden to use the 20m telescope at Onsala for 5 days, (check out the scientist profile video, which I filmed there, coming soon!). 

Shortly after that the whole of UK ALMA team were at the National Astronomy Meeting in Manchester, where we lead two ALMA based sessions. Something we’ve been planning for a long time! These sessions included some of the very first science images to come off the telescope. (Sadly, these images belong to the astronomers whose data it is so I can’t post any pictures here… yet!). But you can check out some of the press releases made at NAM here:

After that John Richer and Adam were at the Communication training day at the Royal Society itself. Which was loads of fun and very informative!

Finally, as I teased with my first post on this Tumblr here is an updated version of one of the interactive parts of our stand at this years SSE.

All will be revealed come July!!!

- Adam

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